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A Minimalist Design Proves Less Really Is More

Whether you are looking to give your entire home a makeover or just convert a media room to a yoga room, you will find that being minimalist is really the way to go with this. In fact, you will also find that is it super easy and incredibly cost effective to design in such a manner. To get some tips on implementing this, take a look at the tips put together right here.

A lot of people are now considering a minimalist design because it looks clean, sleek, and light to the eyes. It also looks very appealing and the lack of unessential items in the room creates a more relaxing ambiance. With that said, you will surely feel relaxed once you come home to a clean home with colors that can calm you down after a hard day's work.

You might have the wrong impression that minimalist designs look boring and plain. This initial impression can be altered by simply using the right elements. If you want to consider a minimalist design in your house, here are a few important factors you need to focus on.

Color: To achieve a minimalist design, you must use colors that don't cause too much stress to the eyes. It must have a calming effect. You can use light colors, such as white or off white, beige, and grey. You can also use earth colors, such as browns, tans, or greens. To add a little spice to the plain colors, you can accentuate it with bright colors.

Lighting: When it comes to adding light to your home, you can use pendant lights, LED strip lights, or you can consider concealed lighting. These are wonderful additions to your minimalist design.

Flooring: For your flooring, it is recommended to use hard finishes, such as timber. You can also choose long, length floor boards. You can also consider using ceramic tiles or laminated flooring. As a tip, you must avoid using complex patterns for your flooring, such as checkers since it looks very distracting and heavy to the eyes. It is best to use plain or simple flooring colors, such as cream, off white, or beige.

Walls: You must avoid placing too many ornaments on your wall. You can add one or two wall decor but you must make sure that it adds aesthetic value to the space. The frame of the decor must have solid color with a simple frame. It is also advisable to use bigger wall decor to create a bolder statement.

Furniture: Another tip when going for a minimalist look in your home is to use minimal furniture. Keep in mind that you must only use essential furniture. For instance, in your living room, you can place a couch or a love seat with a coffee table. In your bedroom, you must have a bed, a dresser, and a side table. In addition, you must also avoid using furniture pieces that looks too bulky. You must also use pieces that have smooth and clear surfaces.

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